Deciphering Online Reviews to Choose an Arlington Property Management Company

Often the first things people do when researching an Arlington property management company is look at online reviews. But how do you know the reviews are legitimate? How can you get a good picture of how the company operates and treats its clients from the internet? Which sites give an accurate portrayal of each Arlington residential property management company you search? Specialized RPM knows this is an issue for many new landlords who are searching for a reputable company to manage their rental home. That is why we put together this handy guide to understanding the online reviews.

How Property Management Differs From Other Industries

Property management is very different from most other industries. This is because landlords, property managers, and tenants are dealing with a basic human need: shelter. In addition, some tenants are not aware of the laws and rules property management must follow. Anger and frustration may result when they feel their need isn’t being met quickly enough due to one of these laws. Unfortunately, many tenants turn to the internet to write negative reviews with the hope that it will help get their need met more quickly. At Specialized RPM, we know it is important to meet these tenants needs in a timely manner, and help them set realistic expectations based on what is required of us.

Beware of Online Reviews

When you take into account how the property management industry affects you and your tenants emotionally, it is easy to see how and why some reviewers are passionate in their reviews. We want to caution you when you are reading these reviews to keep in mind that research shows customers are more likely to write a review after a bad experience than a good one. For this reason, turn to more reputable sites like the BBB for information about Arlington residential property management companies. Specialized RPM has been in the business for almost 30 years, and boasts a great rating with the BBB and satisfied clients who trust us year after year. To hear more about all our services give Specialized RPM a call today.

How You Can Avoid Expensive Regulatory Violations

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Not knowing local, state, or federal housing laws is an unfortunate, but common, mistake that many landlords make. Being unaware of potential regulatory violations as a landlord can mean serious legal troubles and expenses. You are not only putting yourself at risk for legal ramifications, you may also be putting your property and your tenants at risk. Specialized RPM, your Arlington property management company, knows these laws can be a lot to remember, especially for new landlords. Navigating the system of rental property regulations can be difficult, but it is necessary to protect yourself, your tenants, and your property.

Specialized RPM Recommends Knowing These Laws

We put together this list of important laws, codes, regulations, and general rules to follow as a landlord. Know that the local laws vary widely and change often, so this list is just an example of some of the things you need to be aware of. For more information on your specific area call Specialized RPM, your local Arlington residential property management team.

  1. Your state property laws
  2. Local city ordinances
  3. Real estate contract law
  4. The Fair Housing Act, ADA, and tenant screening regulations
  5. Laws on security deposits, monthly payments, collections, and evictions
  6. Maintenance and property inspection regulations

How Your Arlington Residential Property Management Team Can Help

With the dozens of laws and codes you need to know, how can you be sure you remember them all and that you’re protected from legal and financial risks? Specialized RPM’s property managers are the experts you need. We help thousands of property owners around the country stay on top of the ever changing laws, ordinances, and regulations. That is our job! More importantly, our local property managers are experts in your area’s specific local laws as well as the state and national laws. You can rest easy knowing your Arlington property management company has you covered. Call Specialized RPM today to hear about all our property management services.


Arlington property management company, Arlington residential property management

If you own rental property, you may wonder if self-management is the right choice for you. Self-managing seems like a good idea at first, but it often ends up costing new landlords dearly in time and money. Managing a rental property is a full-time job that requires expertise in areas such as realty, marketing, maintenance, and legal issues. In the end, hiring an experienced Arlington property management company will save you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches.


Consider the story of Steve, a landlord who has been successfully managing his property for a few years. At first, his tenants were ideal. They always paid their rent on time and kept up the property. Over time Steve got busy with his home life and other job and let a few inspections and preventative maintenance tasks slip by. His tenants noticed he wasn’t taking care of the home, so they did the same. Eventually, the tenants got into financial trouble and started paying rent late or skipping it altogether. When Steve finally made time to visit the property he found it in shambles with multiple lease violations. He started considering an eviction. But tenant turnover is expensive, and one look at the legal fees and hoops made Steve realize evicting was going to be a long and expensive process that he simply didn’t have the time or money for.

You see, managing your property can be easy in a perfect world with perfect tenants. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and there are no perfect tenants. Every landlord will run into difficulties now and then. When those problem come, you want a professional and experienced Arlington property management company to help you out.


Specialized RPM is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience. We didn’t become that by chance, it took years of hard work. When you hire our experienced, professional property managers you know you are getting the best for your investment. If you’re ready to leave the headache of self-management behind, call Specialized RPM, the Arlington residential property management company you can trust with your investment.